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Customers are saying...

"We've had these panels for 3-4 years (two different installations) and they're great. Tim's work was noted by the quality assurance company guy that Solar World sent to our place when they were deciding to let him be an installer for them. The guy said he'd been in construction for 35 years and never seen such clean work and that he usually drove away from a place making notes on what to tell the installer about how to do it better, but that with Tim he couldn't think of a thing.

Tim isn't the cheapest you can go, but he's very fair and he's a craftsman who takes pride in his work. In our minds, you can't do any better than that. 

- Suzan Erem, Iowa City

I have been interested in solar PV system for some time and did extensive research before talking to installers. After out first meeting it was apparent that with Tim's extensive experience in PV systems and his qualifications as a Master Electrician and a NABCEP certified PV installer he would be able to provide the quality system I was looking for.  As an Professional Engineer involved in construction projects for over 35 years I closely monitored the installation.  Tim and his crew answered all my questions, consulted with me when minor changes were needed and quickly gained my trust.  The completed system easily passed all the required inspections, looks great, and has been working perfectly. I would highly recommend Green Light Renewable Services.

   - Gary Hlavka, P.A., Des Moines

"I very much enjoyed work with Tim on this project and I look forward to working with him again in the future on projects. He is the most humble and professional man I have ever worked with and I can't wait to work with him again!”

 - Blair Frank, Iowa City


Welcome to Green Light Renewable Services

We specialize in solar photovoltaic (PV) energy systems, including design, sales, installation, and system monitoring.

NEW! We now specialize in battery storage systems for homes and businesses.

Outdated electrical? We can update your home or office to make it solar ready.

Want to power your new electric vehicle? We install EV chargers.

Want your system up and running right after install? Our team already includes the master electrician.

Small or large, residential or commercial, Green Light Renewable Services is here to help. Our professionals have years of experience in the field and the classroom--and we stay educated and licensed in both electrical and PV code updates.

- NABCEP Certified Solar PV Installer
- Master Electrician's license
- 20+ years of maintenance and construction experience
- 25+ years of electrical experience
- Fully insured

Give us a call today for a free site assessment and cost estimate. We'll determine what size PV system you need based on your energy usage and budget. Find out how to save through up to 50% of your system cost through state and federal incentives and rebates, depending on your situation.

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Why Microinverters?

Green Light Renewable Services uses Enphase microinverters. We think it’s the best choice for your install. In a system using central or string inverters, if the inverter fails the entire system or string fails, too. With micro-inverters, the system continues solar production even if one micro-inverter fails. 

BATTERY BACK-UP! Junction box + sub panel + main load center + AC combiner box (3.36 kw hour)

Veterans Resources

Career opportunities in the solar sector continue to expand, and military veterans are uniquely qualified to fill these well-paid positions. Let's Go Solar has created a new guide that offers strategic avenues to blend a veteran's valuable experience with his or her career and sustainability objectives. 

Learn more about energizing veterans for solar careers