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These customers are now saving on their utility bills!

Junction box (left) + backed-up sub panel + main load center + AC combiner box with two 3.36 kWh battery
Enphase IQ controller + two  3.36 kWh batteries.
7.54 Kw, West Point, IA 
Solar Awning in Des Moines, Iowa
6.6 kW Roof Mounted System in Iowa City, Iowa
7.2 kW Roof Mounted System in Earlham, Iowa
5.6 kW Ground-Mounted System near Norwalk, Iowa
10.5kW Ballast Mounted System in Ames, Iowa
7.125kW System near Boone, Iowa
Ground mounted solar array in addition to roof panel system below
23.7 kW system in Northern Iowa
Ground Mounted PV System with Optional Black Panels.
Iowa's Poet Laureate, Mary Swander, goes solar!
Schmerr 17kW Woodward IA
Schmerr 17kW Woodward (August 2015)

Farms Hlavka DM 5.5 kW Black Protect Series 

Danamere Farms, Carlisle IA 10.65 kW (June 2015)

PV Roof Mount, Clive, IA

10.1 kW System (April 2015)

PV roof mount installation, West Branch, IA.

8.4kW Solar Photovoltaic Panels, (November 2014)

Residential solar can work in your neighborhood, too.  Iowa City, IA.

4.48 kW Solar panel installation (September, 2014)


No job too small.  Cumming, IA

3.36 kW Solar PV Panels (October 2014)

Roof mount PV System, Belmond, IA

12.96 kW Solar panels (July 2014)

Rooftop of Des Moines Onstage, Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA

22.68 kW PV system (June 2014)

6.12 kW roof-mounted PV system in Ventura, IA

12.96 kW solar panel installation in Marble Rock, IA 

8 kW system in Oskaloosa, IA

3 kW ground-mount system near West Branch, Iowa.

West Branch Customer added another 3 kW a year later.

20.25 kW system near Waukee, Iowa (images above and below).


20.4 kW roof-mounted system in Truro, IA