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In Defense of Solar for Iowans

Utility companies are meant to serve their customers the same way politicians are meant to serve their constituents. Bill HF 652 and the recent adoption of new net-metering policies by the Iowa Utilities Board positions Iowa utilities and politicians firmly on one side of the line while a large numb…

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Advocate for Solar in Iowa

Bill HSB 187, introduced by Rep. Pat Grassley, has the potential to cap all tax credits on solar. To advocate solar, reach out to your legislators:  

- Call them at the Capitol. The Senate switchboard is 515-281-3371. The House switchboard is 515-281-3221.
- Email them. Senate email addresses…

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Demystifying the EPA

EPA logoFederal agencies can be a confusing thing. Starting on the hill in Washington D.C. and working their way down to small towns across America, it can be difficult to understand exactly what those agencies do, and why they do it. How does the local business owner feel the effects of a national regulati…

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American-Made Partners: SolarWorld

SolarWorldGreen Light Renewable Services is happy to install exclusively SolarWorld solar modules on your roofs and ground mounts. SolarWorld’s solar panels have been manufactured and tested in America since 1975, and only those that meet the highest standards are sent out to be installed.

Most recently, S…

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Renewable Energy in a Trumpian Age

With the inauguration of a new president days away, advocates of renewable energy must remain vigilant in speaking out against politicians and utility companies who work against one of our utmost priorities as a nation — protecting the environment.

President-elect Trump ran on a platform that a…

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An Enphase Energy Update

Enphase has been on a long roller coaster this year, but they’ve overcome each obstacle with the strength of a company set for success as we near closer to 2017. They’ve made it through difficult decisions (11% company reductions) and vulnerable stock options. Those who keep a close on eye on En…

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The State of Solar in Iowa

Despite recent legislative decisions and policy approval, the citizens and politicians of Iowa must recognize that the issue of renewable energy is not a political party issue. Iowans must remain steadfast in their adamancy for leadership, funding, and appropriate legislation of renewable energy eff…

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The Truth About String Inverters vs. Microinverters

When you choose a solar installer, you’re also choosing a specific type of inverter — string inverter or microinverter? Before we get into the differences between the two, let’s get down to basics. What exactly does an inverter do?

When you invest in a solar system, you’re purchasing two ma…

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The Ins and Outs of Net-Metering

One of the reasons homeowners decide to invest in rooftop solar comes down to one simple thing: money. Though a solar PV system might seem costly up front, it’s the longterm benefits consumers met pay attention to. When producing your own energy, your electricity is no longer pulled solely from the …

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The Fate of Utilities

As energy consumers’ interest in renewable energy alternatives —like rooftop solar— increases, utility companies must respond. The old infrastructure of utilities cannot last much longer thanks to the increasing capacity of rooftop photovoltaic installations.

What happens when you go solar?

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Solar Alchemy Case Study

"Solar Alchemy operates by a simple business philosophy: do whatever it takes to make the customer happy. So when a customer requested a string inverter system with DC optimizers, Solar Alchemy learned the hard way that they aren't reliable substitutes for microinverters. 

Houston, We Have A Probl…

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Advancing Solar PV as a Viable Energy Alternative

Almost daily now, solar PV makes the headlines in our daily newspaper, The Des Moines Register.  Today's paper, for example, reports that an Iowa utility, Alliant Energy, has reversed a decision on customers' ability to sell their power produced by solar back to the grid.  This important position …

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Solar's blooming in Iowa!

Check out the recent Des Moines Register article about solar PV incentives and the growth of the industry, statewide.  Featured in the accompanying photos are one of Green Light's favorite people, repeat customer Bob Bernard of Urbandale, and employee, Ed Norton.  

Speaking of Ed Norton--Ed ju…

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Your PV System and NEC Code

The State of Iowa has recently adopted the 2014 NEC standards, effective April 1, 2015.  

According to the NEC (National Electrical Code) state adoptions website, 'The 2014 edition of the National Electrical Code® (NEC®) was issued by the NFPA Standards Council on August 1, 2013. The effective d…

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Employee Education

This week, Green Light Employee, Ed Norton (no relation to the actor of the same name!) is taking his qualifying course in Cedar Rapids, Iowa,  to become eligible for NABCEP study and training towards certification.  

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