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American-Made Partners: SolarWorld

SolarWorldGreen Light Renewable Services is happy to install exclusively SolarWorld solar modules on your roofs and ground mounts. SolarWorld’s solar panels have been manufactured and tested in America since 1975, and only those that meet the highest standards are sent out to be installed.

Most recently, SolarWorld extended their defect warranties from 10 to 20 years, and is the first solar panel manufacturer to offer a 25 year performance warranty, while SolarWorld’s Protect Series glass modules offer a 30 year warranty on glass. SolarWorld is known for quality manufacturing and quality warranties — one of the best solar panel companies in the United States. 

When investing in solar panels, you want to be sure the panels on your roof will last for years to come. SolarWorld solar panels are built to last for at least 25 years, even in the harshest of weather conditions. Every piece of equipment in a SolarWorld facility is inspected and must pass the incredibly high SolarWorld standards. What are these different pieces of equipment? Here are just a few of the elements that make your panels the best on the market:

Safety Glass
All thick, low-iron glass is inspected for any damage that could possibly affect your performance, like perpendicularity, dimensions, warping, crystalline inclusions, bubbles, and finish. SolarWorld’s safety glass also features an antireflection coating to maximize yield and finish.

Out of 80 backsheets and EVA tested in SolarWorld facilities, only 8 were approved. Backsheets and EVA are necessary for the long-term durability of your panels. Only backsheets meeting SolarWorld’s high criteria are included on panels.

Solar Cells
SolarWorld doesn’t trust anyone else to manufacture their high quality solar cells. One of the most overlooked steps of solar cells by other manufacturers is classification according to color and power level. This process not only improves the panels’ appearance, it also ensures the highest power delivery for your home or business.

Safety Testing

If your solar panels don’t meet SolarWorld’s high safety standards, they’re out. No exceptions. You can rely on your SolarWorld panels thanks to strongest safety standards that surpass even the most rigorous domestic and international standards like those of the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission). SolarWorld panels are given 10 different tests before being shipped out for installation on your home:

  • Hail impact
  • Panel breakage
  • Salt spray
  • Hemispheric lighting
  • Mechanical load
  • UV light aging
  • Climate chamber
  • Field installation and peel
  • Electrical and hotspot

Another reason SolarWorld is our favorite and most trusted solar module manufacturer? They’re invested in climate protection and energy conservation. Making smart, environmentally responsible decisions is integral to SolarWorld’s sustainable strategy. Along with many other forward-thinking American companies, SolarWorld has set impressive energy and climate goals to be met by 2020, including:

  • Reducing accumulated energy consumption by 15%
  • Reducing group wide energy consumption by 25%
  • Reducing group wide greenhouse gas emissions by 15%
  • Reducing emission intensity of SolarWorld products by 15%

SolarWorld Solar Modules

Sunmodule Plus Panel 

Sunmodule Plus Panel

These elegant panels with a modern design are easy to mount and ground, and feature high performance PERC cell structure, extended cable length for easier installation, 20 year warranty for product workmanship, and a 25 year guarantee for linear performance.


Sunmodule XL Panel Sunmodule XL Panel

These panels offer maximum energy density and maximum reliability while featuring high performance PERC cell structure, extended cable lengths, and a reduced balance of system cost. The Sunmodule XL modules are available in 1500V and can handle high mechanical loads up to 178 psf. Covered by a 20 year warranty for product workmanship and a 25 year guarantee for linear performance.


Sunmodule Bison Panel Sunmodule Bison Panel

These panels offer up to a 25% energy boost compared to standard panels, and feature a robust aluminum frame, as well as duo bifacial cells active on both front and back. Sunmodule Bison panels are available in 60 and 72-cell formats and come with a 20 year workmanship warranty and a 30 year guarantee for linear performance.

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